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$100.00 Gift Certificate for $50.00!


We will be selling several discounted gift cards during CYBER WEEK. One at a time. You'll have to keep checking back if you want yours! Be quick, and you might just get this Super Duper CYBER WEEK Killer Deal!

We would like to share the wealth. One Cyber Week Gift Card per person please.

This $100 gift card is just $50. No codes are needed. If you find this ad, and can not add it to your cart, that means someone beat you to it. Try again later! This special gift card may be placed ("hidden") in any catagory. It may be titled differently each time.

Cyber Week gift cards will be delivered by mail or email, at our discretion. They are non-refundable, and not redeemable for cash. To be used for product only. Gift Certificates will be emailed/mailed the week of Dec 5. Only one winner per week (Nov 28-Dec 4), even if the system allows you to purchase an additional card, your payment will be refunded. You may not use a gift card to pay for a gift card. Anyone is elegible to win a "Black Friday" and/or "Cyber Monday" gift card, once. No other purchase neccessary.

Please contact us at if you have any questions

Note: Non-contest Gift Certificates of any denomination may be purchased from a link at the very top of the StangStuff main page. If you want a hard plastic gift card, choose "Gift Cards" from the left hand menu on the main page

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