Green Mustang Belts
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Mustang Seatbelt Belts
In the Shade of Green

Seeing Green:
Green may not be the most purchased color of Mustangs. Look at all those Red, Black & Blue ones out there. But we've met 10s of 1000s of Mustang owners, and we've found that GREEN owners are the most passionate about their color. From the McQueen driven Dark Highland Green, to the 7-Ups of the early 90s, to the now-iconic Legend Lime in the 2000s and our personal favorite, the recent Gotta Have It Green. Also earning an Honorable Mention is the new Guard Metallic (we think it's an awesome sleeper color!).

About our Seatbelt Belt:
This officially licensed MustangĀ® belt isn't for your car, it's for you! This real seatbelt buckle is sewn into a fashionable belt. Just thread it through the belt loops on your pants so you can sport one of the most unique and stylish looks of the year. It's made out of the highest quality materials with superior workmanship in the USA.

SIZING: Because this is an actual seat belt, it opens and closes like one but is also fully adjustable. It's a "one-size-fits-most" and with a simple adjustment it changes to fit a size 22 to 48 inch waist. The belt strap is 1.5 inches wide.Several colors and designs available! MADE IN THE USA!

Note: While this ad is for our green belts, we have another 100+ colors & designs in stock. Click here to see them all. We also have a GMR Branded Belt!

About GMR Stuff:
These and other GMR branded products are available to registered GMR members only. Not a member yet? Not a problem! Here's a link to the GMR Mustang Registry Kit. As a member, you can purchase all the GMP stuff you like and have it shipped together. You may also mix your purchase with other StangStuff items to reach the "Free Shipping at $50" tier.

IMPORTANT: This is a fashion belt and not a seatbelt extender or replacement. Please do not install this belt in any vehicle or use it as any type of a safety device.

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