Mustang Unites Lanyard
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Mustang Unites Lanyard

Unveiled at SEMA 2014, "Mustang Unites" is a series of 10 Running Horses (Ford's 2015 version) with a different country's flag. The countries are: ESPANA, CANADA, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, UNITED KINGDOM, BRASIL, DEUTCHLAND, ITALIA, AUSTRALIA, FRANCE, AND UNITED STATES.

The images created by pop artist Burton Morris Studios were an instant hit at the SEMA show, and soon soon after, worldwide. StangStuff has arranged to present Morris' art in several different mediums, including stamped steel art, posters, pins, apparel and this first offering - a lanyard. And it's not just any lanyard - this one actually stretches!

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Flat: Just under 18" folded; about 35" around.
Standard clip
The 10 images repeat.

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