A Bag of STUFF - Cyber Week
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Bag of STUFF - Cyber Week

Are you someone who likes to gamble? Likes to take risks in life? Well, move along, cuz there's no way to lose with this one... It's the STANGSTUFF BAG OF STUFF!

Each BAG OF STUFF is just $10. It is absolutely, 100%, totally guaranteed to contain at least $20 (retail) in Mustang related STUFF.

We've asked for some additional information (size, gender) to help us pick your totally random items. It may be apparel, it might be a one of a kind, it may be some other Mustang Lifestyle product. Honestly we've not given it much thought. We'll probably give you way too much STUFF.

There is a limit of 10 BAG OF STUFFs per customer.

Be sure to see our BOX OF STUFF too! It contains $60+ for just $25....

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